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Maf Smith appointed by Seawind as Advisor to the Board

Today Seawind Ocean Technologies announced the recruitment of Maf Smith as Advisor to the Board.

Seawind is a technology development company and Original Equipment Manufacturer, producing the new generation of floating fully-integrated wind turbines. Co-founded in 2014, by renewable energy pioneers Martin Jakubowski and Silvestro Caruso, Seawind is now working to demonstrate its new-generation floating wind turbine.

Maf Smith, Lumen Energy & Environment Director commented: “The UK is embracing floating offshore wind, and looking to secure economic opportunities from pursuing this new technology. Seawind is a perfect fit for the UK, and I’m looking forward to supporting the Seawind Board and team in its work.”

Seawind CEO Vincent Dewulf commented: “Seawind is proud to announce that Maf Smith has joined Seawind as Advisor to the Board. Maf brings a wealth of renewable industry knowledge and expertise to Seawind. Maf will play a crucial role in linking Seawind with government and relevant international industry stakeholders.”

Maf will be supporting Seawind as it builds its presence in the UK market and brings forward testing of its 6MW and 12MW turbines.


For further information, please contact:

· Seawind Ocean Technologies at or visit

· Lumen Energy & Environment at or visit


1. Seawind Ocean Technologies’ mission is to become a global leader in developing and deploying the most economic, safe and sustainable offshore wind farm technologies for all seas and oceans, including cyclonic regions. It is making great strides towards achieving this through innovative and cost-efficient solutions that have been patented, proven and have achieved first-phase certification.

2. Lumen Energy & Environment is a specialist advisory business helping organisations navigate some of the most pressing and critical environmental and energy challenges facing businesses and organisations today. Founding Director Maf Smith has worked in senior leadership roles in the renewable and sustainability sectors for over 20 years. He has deep expertise of the UK renewable sector, working for industry and governments to support the rapid scale up of low carbon electricity in the UK. He has a strong and wide network of individuals and organisations and is respected for his reasoned advice, project skills, insight and influencing skills.

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