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Celtic Sea Blueprint delivered for The Crown Estate

The Crown Estate today published the Celtic Sea Blueprint report. This report was delivered by Lumen Energy & Environment, with support from our Associates, plus Everoze and BiGGAR Economics.

The Blueprint report sets out the minimum infrastructure and supply chain requirements for delivery of the 4.5GW Round 5 Leasing Round. The report calculates that the capital expenditure on the Celtic Sea 4.5GW programme will deliver £1.4 bn GVA to the UK, and 5,300 jobs on average over five years.

The below snapshot from the report sets out the highlights for supply chain requirements. Critically work in the region is needed to develop additional integration, assembly and marshalling capacity. At a UK level there are opportunities for supply chain growth to address supply chain bottlenecks present across the industry globally.

While there are global capacity constraints in items such as vessels and cables that the UK cannot control, the Blueprint sets out options for optimisation in how to deliver three 1.5GW floating projects, that could help to manage risks due to global supply chain pressures.

More information about the report and The Crown Estate's work on Round 5 can be found here.

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