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As we accelerate our energy transition, we need to look carefully at how we manage the wider impacts of the growth of critical sectors like electric vehicles and wind power.


We have worked with clients to help them make sense of wider sustainability and ESG considerations in their business and strategy, and have particular expertise in helping clients understand risks to their business growth on critical minerals such as rare earths, lithium, cobalt and graphite.

Critical Minerals

Delivery of net zero will mean rapid electrification of our energy system. That requires growth of renewable generation such as wind power, as well as substition of technologies. The shift from internal combustion to electric powered vehicles is a great example of this technology shift.

While the carbon benefits of this transition are clear, there are wider impacts around use of critical minerals that need to be carefully considered. We provide expert advice to industry on how to factor in these issues to growth plans.

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Rare Earths

As wind power expands into new markets, demand for materials such as neodymium and dysprosium is on the increase. Geopolitics and environmental impacts are both factors in where the wind industry sources future materials from, and avoids becoming trapped by unsustainable practices.

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EV supply chain

Rapid growth of electric vehicles means both an increase in low carbon electricity demand, and increased demand for materials like lithium, cobalt and graphite.

We have experience in advising clients about the global EV supply chain and how to address challenges of sustainability and ESG as demand rises rapidlly.

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