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We have specialist expertise to support your company in delivering change. Below are some of the services we offer

Networking & Sector Knowledge

20 years in leadership positions in the renewable sector translates into significant knowledge of how our industry works, how it talks to government and who you need to talk to.

For more information on who's who and how to engage with this growing industry - from the smallest supply chain provider to industry leaders - just ask!

Crowd of People

We have significant experience creating and delivering industry industry events large and small, from webinars and virtual networking to dinners and awards to international conferences. 

We can support you in idea development and execution for your event, helping you better understand your audience and your event's purpose, and support professional delivery. 

Conference Event
Facilitation & Workshops

Transition to a low carbon future requires open conversations and bringing a wide range of stakeholders with us. 

We have experience of workshop design and execution, and have finely honed facilitation skills to support you in running of workshops on a range of topics with a range of audiences, including use of web-based workshops and meetings. 

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Commercial Mediation

Commercial mediation is unfortunately sometimes a necessary requirement in projects and partnerships. Quicker and more cost effective than recourse to legal routes, mediation can help you get partnerships and projects back on track or properly resolved so that your company can move on with its work.

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