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We have specialist expertise to support your company in delivering change. Below are some of the services we offer

Policy and regulatory insights

20 years in leadership positions in the renewable sector translates into significant knowledge of how our industry works, how it talks to government and how to make sure your business is alive to the challenges of policy impact on low carbon businesses.

For strategic advice and insights into the impacts of policy on your business and growth plans please get in touch.

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Supply chain insights

We specialise in advise to companies new to the market or seeking to grow and change their market position. Our detailed knowledge of the wind supply chain and market players means we can advise your company on supply chain strategy.

Whether you are a project developer looking to secure your supply chain and demonstrate your local value, or a company new to market we can help advise you on how to position yourself and remove supply chain headaches and bottlenecks.

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Analytics & market reporting

We track markets from the local to the global. We work actively alongside markets in the UK including around ScotWind and the Celtic Sea. But we also track and advise companies on areas of growth and new markets to watch.


With our Associates we bring market knowledge from across Europe, APAC and USA and can help you understand how different markets work and where opportunities for your company are likely to be found.

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