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Our focus is helping organisations understand the renewable electricity market, with a strong focus on wind power.

Maf Smith has worked in the sustainable energy sphere for over 20 years. He has unparalleled expertise working with leading energy companies and Governments to drive change in our renewable energy system, and advising on sustainability, supply chain growth and policy development.

Sillouette of Wind Turbine
Offshore Wind Leadership

Our offshore wind expertise has been built up since supporting the first Round One projects in the UK. We have worked to secure policy and regulatory change, as well as grow the offshore wind supply chain, and have expertise across fixed and floating offshore.

We have been at the heart of offshore wind pollicy in the UK for over a decade, and have worked with industry and public sector clients to help them better understand offshore wind.

Cloudy Day
New markets

The renewable sector is now a global opportunity, with growth in all markets around the world. New markets in fixed and floating offshore wind are particularly exciting.


We can help you understand how to develop effective policy and supply chain frameworks and networks to support growth in new markets and build international alliances and relationships.

Man uses on a virtual screen of the futu
Sustainable supply chains

A shift to renewable energy is a big step forward. But companies need also to think about a closed loop system, with care for how we manage upstream and downstream impacts.

We specialise in advising companies abour the use of critical minerals in the wind and EV supply chains, helping you to understand risks to sector growth.

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