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LumenEE expertise on show in new Haynes Electricity Storage Manual

On the eve of its first V-Fest, RenewableUK has launched the all new Haynes Manual on Electricity Storage.

The introductory guide sets out how electricity storage helps to keep the lights on, and of course how it underpins work to integrate greater amounts of renewable power onto our networks.

LumenEE Director Maf Smith led the work on development of the Haynes series while at RenewableUK, successfully editing and co-writing 3 editions of the popular Offshore Wind Haynes Manual, as well as editing and co-writing this new Haynes Manual on Electricity Storage.

Commenting on the launch Maf said: "It was great to work on this manual at the end of my time at RenewableUK, and its been great to see the team bring the partners and sponsors together with this final version. Electricity storage is not a new part of our energy system, but the way we are managing our network and how we use a mesh of technologies is constantly evolving. I'm pleased we've been able to write a simple manual that explains how these technologies and our electricity system works, demystifying what is a critical part of our national infrastructure."

Since setting up LumenEE with Catherine Smith, the team has been working on a range of related consultancy projects, including advising on hydrogen, EV market growth and lithium supply. To talk to the team contact us and say hello.

A copy of the Haynes Electricity Storage Manual can be downloaded below.

Haynes Manual - Electricity Storage 2020
Download • 10.17MB


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